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Boy in Tabuk City returns wallet found on the road

Tabuk City, Kalinga – While there are some teenagers reported being involved in burglary, thievery, and the like, a boy from Barangay Magsaysay recently demonstrated that honesty and good deeds still live in the youth amid difficult times.

Olat Timpac, the boy who found a brown wallet containing cash, turned over said lost item to Magsaysay Punong Barangay Enrique Sagayo on August 8, 2022.

Sagayo told Guru Press Cordillera that he was approached by the teenager early morning today, giving him the wallet he found along the road in Ubbog, Magsaysay last Saturday, August 6.

According to the boy, he was riding his bicycle while on his way to check their cow in their rice field when he came across the brown wallet.

He picked it up and went to see Sagayo that day. However, the punong barangay was not at home.

On Sunday, as he and his family went to church, the boy wasn’t able to go back to see Sagayo. It was only this morning that the two chanced upon each other.

The relative of Collin Bakidan, the wallet’s owner, came to get the wallet at the Magsaysay Barangay Hall around 2:00 PM this August 8.

“Makita nga disiplinado nga anak ta dagiti nagannak ket talaga met piman nga haan da baybay- an dagitoy annak da,” he described Timpac.

The Punong Barangay also stressed that there are still a lot of good kids out there saying, “nu adda man dagiay nasusubeg nga ubbing, ad-adu dagiay nasayaat. Ken dagiay dadduma nga nasusubeg nga u-ubbing tayo ket in-inut metten nga nagtino dan.”


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