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Creative Handicrafts made by inmates in Kalinga sold at Tabuk City Jail

Tabuk City, Kalinga — Creative handicrafts made by the Persons Deprived of Liberty in Kalinga are on display at Tabuk City Jail during this National Correctional Consciousness Week, made available for interested buyers.

The Tabuk City District Jail started this year’s National Correctional Consciousness Week on October 24 and prepared several activities for the inmates to enjoy in celebration of their well-being and to make them feel they are treated as human beings.

Among the activities is the display of various handicrafts at the Triage Area of the district jail to help inmates sell their handmade products.

These crafts include knife sets that are inserted in a wooden rifle and kalasag. There are also wooden picture frames, lampshades, and mirror frames.

Likewise, there are baskets, fruit trays, and ‘alkansiya’.

According to District Jail Warden Chief Inspector John Wayland Lapon, the making and selling of handicrafts is part of the livelihood program that allows inmates to earn money even while they are inside the jail facility.

“Dagitoy livelihood, part iti program iti BJMP dagita... Iti livelihood programs, agaramid da iti produkto para mailako, mai-market idiay ruwar ket diay proceeds na mapan met lang kanyada,” he said.

Lapon encourages the public to patronize the products to help the inmates and their family.

“Daytoy ket dakkel nga makatulong met iti pamilya da iti ruwar ta siyempre diay maurnong da nga kwarta ket diretso kanyada, haan nga dumalan iti office diay. Mabalin da ited iti pamilya da iti ruwar,” he said.

Interested buyers can send a private message to Tabuk District Jail’s Official Facebook account, Tabuk DJail Kalinga or they may visit the triage area to personally see the products until October 30.


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