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Dangtalan, Pasil potters pursue preservation of traditional pot making

Updated: May 9, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – In pursuit of preserving the traditional pot making in the locality, the Dangtalan potters and Slow Food Community in Pasil showcased their craft during the Kalinga Hour of the ‘Mangan Taku’ Cordillera Food Fair "Watwat" Edition held at Wright Park, Baguio City on April 29, 2022.

The pottery of Pasil is known for its handmade but high grade quality and use of indigenous tools.

During the Mangan Taku exhibition, Josie del Rosario showed how to craft pots for public viewing, making use of Dangtalan’s special kind of clay.

In an interview with Agriculture Extension Worker Rowena Gonnay who was also present in the event, she shared that they wished to pass the traditional pottery to the next generation.

The pot, she explained, is part of the Slow Food or dishes prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions.

“Karaman ti pot ti Slow Food, dagidiay ti sustainable a cooking utensils ti Indigenous people, safe a paglutoan ta awan chemical na, isu ti old nga usar idiay Pasil, isu pay livelihood da idiay Dangtalan ken Dalupa,” Gonnay said.

According to Gonnay, she was ecstatic and challenged in presenting the pot making. This, she added, is because she felt pride that Pasil was chosen for the event despite being a 5th class municipality.

Mayor Alfredo ‘Chao-ig’ Malannag Jr. congratulated Gonnay and the group for their efforts and for placing 4th during the Chef Competition.

“Itultuloy tayo ti suporta tayo kadagiti amin a paset ti turismo ta isu ti maysa a makabigbigan tayo iti sabali nga ili. Chumilang Pasil!” Malannag expressed through his social media page.


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