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“Awan man kinabaknang nga ipatawid ngem adda ti naimula” - Gov. Tubban in tree planting project

Tabuk City, KalingaProvincial Governor Ferdinand B. Tubban, a staunch supporter of environment and conservations of resources, has been actively participating in various tree planting activities in the province to advocate for the inheritance of safe and healthy environment to bequeath the next generations.

Kalinga Province has had its fair experiences of forest degradation and landslides due to slash and burning practices, and in some cases, illegal logging. Some recent examples were the sinking road that Balbalan experienced and the huge landslide in Pinukpuk.

Tubban said that tree planting is one way of ensuring the next generation would live in a healthier environment even “if there is no wealth we can leave as inheritance” to them, relating in an interview that “awan man kinabaknang nga ipatawid ngem adda ti naimula.”

“Nu man saan pay makita ti bunga ti panagmula, umay to latta ti aldaw nga agapit tayo,” Tubban stressed that the fruits of these activities will eventually be appreciated in the future.

With this, the governor is urging the public to take part actively in environmental programs and activities to “build a better tomorrow for our children.”

Earlier today, June 25, 2021, Tubban led the employees of the Provincial Government of Kalinga in a tree planting activity held at Kalinga State University (KSU), Bulanao in this city. Said activity is part of the celebration of the 14th Tabuk City Founding Anniversary and 20th Matagoan Festival.

Prior to the said activity, the governor also participated in the tree planting event of the Schools Division Office of Kalinga held at Aciga Elementary School, Pinukpuk. This is in celebration of the Department of Education’s 123rd Founding Anniversary and observance of Philippine Environmental Month.

As recalled, the governor had been steadfast in advocating the planting of fruit-bearing trees aside from the reforestation effort, knowing that investing in such activities aside from protecting the environment could also help ensure additional income for those who engage in such activity.


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