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How faith is playing a role in advancing responsible governance in Kalinga

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

For many years, faith helped many in challenging battles of the daily lives. In the Philippines, the influences of religious sectors in politics have made significant roles in government services. It helped people in the government sectors who seek solace and guidance realise their values, spiritual wellness, and mental wellbeing.

According to a study shown by Martin Rovers of the Department of Sciences in Ontario, Canada, the importance of spirituality in health care gives people stability and meaning.

Spiritual faith plays a vital part in spiritual wellness; it is a helping-hand to have calmness in times of turmoil and uncertainties.

The Province of Kalinga spearheaded by Governor Ferdinand Tubban with the help of Provincial Council on Values Formation (PCVF) is supporting government workers through counselling, meetings and visitations with pray over. The PCVF believes this is a necessity that is at times taken for granted by many.

According to the governor, they desire to instill in the minds of public servants that in moments of crisis and disasters, actions founded in ‘faith’ and moral teachings will have more conscientious results.

The role of the PCVF is to sustain morally upright government of the people by upholding honesty and integrity in actualizing a pro-God, pro-people, pro-country and pro-nature public service.

The PCVF members; pastors and all other leaders of religious orders in the province educate the Local Government Units (LGU) toward responsible governance through accountability.

Thus, reminding government sectors, agencies and employees to carry out their duties and responsibilities with faith becomes a regular activity likened unto attending masses or services.

The PCVF said they will continue their Information Education Orientations (IEC) activities, counselling, advocate moral values among government workers to uphold moral governance.

The group likewise said that they oppose oppressive governance and instead promote peace and reconciliation.

Values formation of the PCVF

According to the Information Education Orientations, the PCVF is convened with the LGUs for the following:

  1. Iti nasayaat nga panagserbi iti publiko ket isu met a panagserbi iti Apo Dios para iti kasayaatan iti amin – The worker as Servant of God for Good.

  2. Kadagiti IEC met laeng nga aramiden daket I waragawag da met laeng iti tema iti provincial government nga ‘Shared Governance.’

  3. Counseling iti government sectors and employees tapnu ma inspire iti morale da tapnu mas maimprove iti panag serbi da iti Publico.

Some other works of the PCVF include Spreading awareness on moral values formation to different public groups such as the youth through seminars, counseling as well as continuing specific programs which have been conducted with various groups such as DSWD’s Bahay Pag-asa, where the youth are guided and briefed about spirituality and following the right path, by the members of Values Formation Program.

They also conduct IEC and reiterate PAUSE or Prayer, Accountability and Integrity, Unity and Teamwork, Service (Supreme Service) and Excellence.


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