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Kalinga now uses Carry Delivery App; download and try it now!

Tabuk City, Kalinga - The province has recently introduced technology for the people to use to minimize person to person contact transaction through what is called the Carry App - a delivery application which users can utilize to perform transactions online.

During the holidays, hundreds of people have made their first orders and resulted into a progress at work. Imagine Kalinga doing ease of business!

Many things unplanned happened this year largely due to the pandemic and the unprecedented rules and regulations restricting movements. Some of its effects have fatal blows crippling the economy, small livelihood and our normal way of life. The restrictions of movements can box you at home. The regulations on social distancing and queuing can at times be annoying to frustrating. If only we can just use our fingers and a gadget to do transaction, for sure we would. This is why the government and businesses have been pushing for technology or internet mediated transactions.

Tabuk is not late in having this technology. WE HAVE CARRY KALINGA!

Carry Kalinga is the first in the region that uses technology for buying food and grocery items using an app that provides various selections. It is similar to other applications on mobile phones but it is localized. Using it supports not only the local businesses, but also the community.

How Carry App works?

Download the Carry app and register. After registration, you can now try the app by looking at what you need, be it food already cooked, basic commodities, and other stuff offered by your local merchants. Once you selected what you want, you click on the item you want to buy, follow the lead of the app and complete the transaction. A total amount of what you shall pay is shown.

Once you submit your order, the merchant (owner of shop) will be notified to prepare the item and a rider shall get the delivery work for you. The payment is mostly Cash-on-Delivery. While waiting, you can track the progress of your order till the delivery is sent to your doorstep. In cases of problems with your location, the rider can make a call or send you a message. You might also send a message to inform the rider when your location changes.

Other uses of Carry App

The app can soon be used to pay your basic services bills online. If you hate the troublesome long lines, not to mention the worry of getting infected while paying electric bills and water bills, these shall no longer be a problem because soon you can pay via Carry Kalinga. You can load your wallet – a feature in the application that stores an amount of money to be used for online transaction – and pay by tapping and swiping.

With this being said, it is very timely that we now have a brand new partner in making the new normal a better normal, Carry Kalinga. Offering fast, reliable and affordable delivery services and online payments.

Carry Kalinga Partner riders

Carry Partner Riders are online and always ready to deliver. The riders have undergone trainings, seminars, and orientations in order to provide better services. All vehicles used are registered and all are licensed motorists. With you using the application, you can help in providing jobs to riders or delivery motorists. Every order you make is an opportunity to help others.

If you want to become a Carry Rider Partner, just register to get a rider application. This is free of charge. Visit us at Carry Kalinga Office in Bulanao beside Davidson Hotel.

Carry Kalinga Partner Merchants

All partner merchants are those within the locality, so you do not miss your local food shop and local businesses. By buying through the app, you support them and you help in making the economy keep moving. The partner merchants have prepared for this with their best to send you quality items they sell. Due to physical distancing and other regulations, accommodation at a restaurant or at a food shop might be difficult. Nevertheless, by using Carry kalinga, you need not to leave the house or the office.

If you want to become a Carry Merchant Partner, just visit us at Carry Kalinga Office in Bulanao beside Davidson Hotel. This is free. You will not pay a dime, and good thing is that we will help you set up your online business.

As we look forward to a more convenient future, going digital is the way to go. We will soon enjoy more and more services from Carry to make our everyday lives easier and safer.

Download the Carry App, Register, and Order now!


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