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Man in Lallo, Cagayan went to drink liquor, ended up getting arrested

Lallo, Cagayan – While drinking session was supposed to be merry, things did not turn out well for a 42-year-old man when a concerned citizen saw that he had a gun with him while savoring liquor.


The suspect was in Barangay Malanao on Thursday, February 22, 2024.


Upon noticing the firearm, the concerned citizen notified Lallo police, who promptly proceeded to the area for verification.

An operative from the said station even personally observed that the suspect was holding a gun and a glass while drinking, but he immediately hid it after becoming aware of the presence of authorities.


When authorities asked for the corresponding documents of his gun, the suspect, identified as alias Ariel, married and a resident of said area, failed to produce what was being asked.


This prompted the police to arrest him, and a .38-caliber gun with three bullets was confiscated from him.


Lallo police said that the proper documentation of the confiscated pieces of evidence was witnessed by two barangay officials in the community.


Later that day, he was brought by Lallo police to their station for documentation and proper disposition.