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P10.5M swine production facility turned over to 2 farmers’ group in Tabuk City

Tabuk City, Kalinga – To hasten the recovery of hog raisers in Tabuk City affected by the recent outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), the regional agricultural department turned over on Thursday, May 9, the swine production facility to two farmers’ organizations.


The recipients are the Mallong Hillside Farmers Association (MHFA) in Cudal and the Kalinga Rice Terraces Farmers Agriculture Cooperative (RTFAC) in San Julian.


It was during the last quarter of 2023 that Tabuk City was placed under a state of emergency due to the viral disease affecting the swine industry in these areas.


The former was awarded a biosecure facility amounting to P5.5 million, while the latter was given the same facility valued at P5 million.

The structures were equipped with a perimeter fence, climate-controlled animal house, waste management system-biogas, basic farm equipment, shower area, initial stocks of piglets, feeds, and biologics, according to DA-Cordillera.


Said projects were made possible with the agency’s Integrated National Swine Production Initiatives for Repopulation and Expansion (INSPIRE) Program.


This program aims to enhance biosecurity and disease control measures in the region while supporting the growth of the local swine industry.

Meantime, DA-Cordillera disclosed there are 10 INSPIRE projects in the province. Three of these are already completed, including the two recently completed swine production facilities and the P5.5 million-worth project awarded to the members of the Malalao Farmers Multipurpose Organization (MFMO) in Malalao, Tabuk City.