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Wounded NPA leader left by comrades after armed encounter in Balbalan

Updated: Jun 9

Balbalan, Kalinga – A wanted Communist Terrorist Group official was found injured by the authorities in Balantoy, Balbalan on June 6, five days since the armed encounter between the rebels and the troops in the town. 


Said official is a 64-year-old Vice Squad Leader of the weakened Kilusang Larangang Guerilla (KLG) Baggas and is listed as no. 9 in the Periodic Status Report Threat Group (PSRTG) for the 4th Quarter of 2023.


Kalinga Police Spokesperson, PCapt. Ruff Manganip, told GURU Press Cordillera that they found the elderly rebel after the community alerted the police and the military about a man hiding at a cave in Saleng, Balantoy.

When they went to verify, they learned that the man is the vice squad leader of the KLG Baggas which the troops encountered on May 31. The subject person likewise has warrants of arrest for murder, frustrated murder, and attempted murder.


“In-effect da diay warrant of arrests na, only to find out nga adda gayam tama na iti right leg,” Manganip relayed, adding that the man was left by his fellow rebels.


Upon learning of his injury, the authorities rushed him to the Balbalan District Hospital where he was later referred to a hospital in Tabuk City.


Manganip informed that the suspect is now in a stable condition.

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