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1 killed, 2 hurt in an ambush in Bangued, Abra

Bangued, Abra – The brother-in-law of a village captain in Abra was killed in an ambush that transpired morning of Friday, June 14.


The victim was with the barangay captain and two other people that day on board a van.


They were headed to the center of the town to attend a court hearing, but upon reaching the incident scene at Sitio Silag, Barangay Calot, they were gunned down by some unidentified individuals.

This led to the instant death of Demy Peralta, a construction worker, after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds.

The village chief identified as Robert Bio and his brother Reymart sustained gunshot wounds, while their other sibling, Benson, was left unharmed. The injured victims were promptly ferried to the Seares Memorial Hospital.

In the investigation, police found that the casualty was seated beside the barangay captain who served as their driver.

The still-unidentified suspects were said to be hiding in the bushes when they started firing their guns at the victims, and thereafter fled the scene.

At the crime scene, multiple bullets from a shotgun, M-16 rifle and a caliber 45 gun were recovered.

A manhunt operation is now being conducted by the Bangued police to identify and arrest the suspects. The motive of the crime, meanwhile, is yet to be established by the authorities.

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