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12 Cordilleran bettors among 433 jackpot winners in Oct. 1 lotto draw

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Benguet, Philippines – Among the 433 jackpot winners of the 6/55 Grand Lotto on Saturday night, October 1 are 12 Cordilleran bettors that will be part of the split up of the P236,091,188.40 prize, according to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Ten of the 12 winning Cordillerans are from Benguet, while two are from Mountain Province.

The winning number was 09-45-36-27-18-54. Each of the winners will get P545,245.24, which is subject to a final tax of 20%.

What are the odds in winning the 6/55 lotto?

Mathematician and OCTA Research Group Fellow, Dr. Benjamin Co explained that one “can form 27,988,675 combinations from 1 to 55 where each combination is a unique non repeating number in no particular order. That means your odds of winning is a bit 0.00000345 percent. Or you have to play 289,896 combinations to increase the odds of winning even 1 percent.”

Still, the PCSO made a history after revealing that 433 bettors got the winning combination.

The figure left the netizens suspicious, with some calling for investigation.

A “natural occurrence”

On Sunday, PCSO General Manager Melquiades Robles, in a briefing, described the incidence as “natural occurrence,” adding that the result came as a number of bettors held on to 9 which they considered to be a lucky number, and its multiples.

“Since this is a game of chance, there is no right, there is no wrong, alam niyo ‘yun. In this case nga, tinamaan nila ‘yun. Nag-pay off ‘yung kanilang loyalty, kaya nga lang marami talaga sila,” he stated.

Most of the winning bettors are from Metro Manila with 151 or 34.87% of the total prizewinners.


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