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17 injured after jeep loses brakes in Lubuagan

Updated: Jun 23

Lubuagan, Kalinga – Seventeen individuals were rushed to the hospital early morning of Saturday, June 22, after a passenger jeep bound to Tabuk City experienced a mechanical problem.


Kalinga Police Spokesperson, PCapt. Ruff Manganip, told GURU Press Cordillera that the jeep came from Uma, Lubuagan and was supposed to ferry its 17 passengers to Tabuk City.


However, upon reaching the descending portion of the road in Balangabang, Dangoy around 5:20 a.m., the jeep’s brakes malfunctioned, causing the driver to lose control over the vehicle.


As a result, the jeep tumbled sideways.

Of the 17, 10 were seriously injured. They were identified by the police as Melissa Tuclab, Loren Biloray, Elizabeth Langan, Carlene Langan, Matet Langan,  Charlie Abidjew, Cammait logao,  Viray Lamong, Bitog Pario, and Samuel Bagtad.


These 10 were all rushed to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital in Tabuk City.


The other seven, meanwhile, sustained minor injuries. They are Darson Villasis, Nova Aniwasal, Aubrey Tuclab, Ronald Dom-ac, Calliw Pangulo, Jerico Apatan, and Rein Hart Dom-ac. They were brought to the Kalinga District Hospital.


As of this writing, the victims are under observation.

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