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18 yTanudan PWDs get free wheelchair

Tanudan, Kalinga―Through the initiative of Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag, 18 adults and children with disabilities from this town were already given free wheelchairs, sourced out from donations through the ‘Free Wheelchair Program.’

It can be recalled that Mayor Dagadag initially gave PhP11, 000 from his monthly salary to procure 2 to 3 units wheelchairs. Said program that started in 2020 was conceptualized to help those who cannot stand or walk alone, to move freely in their homes and in the community.

He emphasized that there is a need to sustain the program even at a gradual pace, until all persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the locality needing a wheelchair are provided for.

Dagadag also expressed gratitude to those in the private sectors and individuals who continuously gave cash and wheelchair donations for the beneficiaries.

“Kayat ko met agpasalamat kadagiti kailyan ken amin nga agtultuloy a tumulong ken mangsuporta ditoy a project tayo ta at least, mas mapapaspas a maidanun ti assistance kadagiti PWDs tayo,” he expressed.

The office of the Municipal Mayor calls on the families of PWDs to reach out to their office for their requests of free wheelchair for them to be identified and included in the list of beneficiaries.


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