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2 former rebels surrender, yield 29 high-caliber firearms in Cordillera

Baguio City, Philippines – The surrender of two former communist rebels in the region resulted in the recovery of 29 high-powered firearms owned by the leftist group in Besao, Mt. Province and Ifugao.

Said former rebels identified by authorities as Alias Ampoc/Lipat and Alias Ronron were presented Friday, July 14, during the Cordillera Regional Peace and Order Council Meeting held at the Baguio Cultural Convention Center.

Alias Ampoc is a former leader from KLG (Kilusang Larangang Gerilya) –BAGGAS, Ilocos-Cordillera Regional Committee (ICRC) while Alias Ronron is a former member of the Agustin Begnalen Command.

Ampoc and Ronron were said to have assisted in the recovery of 29 high-caliber firearms by disclosing to the 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army the location where they kept the said war materials.

In Besao, an arms cache containing 16 M16 rifles, 1 Galil rifle, 2 M653 rifles, and various ammunition of the ICRC Central Unit were recovered while in Ifugao, 7 M16 rifles, 1 piece each of M14 rifle, M653 rifle, and M203 Grenade Launcher were found.

Also obtained from Ifugao are improvised explosive devices, hand grenades, a two-way radio, a bandolier, and various ammunitions.

In his statement, Alias Ampoc stated that after facing challenges and hardships while with the group, he opted to return to the fold of the government. He went on to say that he had always wanted to be with his family and to have a better life.

Commending the actions of the former rebels are Defense Secretary Gilbert C. Teodoro and Lieutenant General Fernyl Galera Buca, Commander of the North Luzon Command, Philippine Army.

In his message, Teodoro urged the remaining members of the movement to get back to the fold of the law, stressing that there is no point in continuing the rebellion against the government.

He suggested that instead of rebellion, they should collaborate with the government in its pursuit to end the insurgency problem in the country.


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