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2 Kalinga agri-preneurs represent CAR in National Young Farmers’ Challenge 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – After winning in the regional level competition of the 2022 Young Farmers’ Challenge (YFC), two agri-preneurs from Kalinga province are set to represent Cordillera at the national level in November.

The two are Cris Reshon Guiral who presented Solar Powered Urban Recirculating Aquaculture (ranked 6th) and Aimee Gaddao who delivered an entry for Mulberry and Cocoon Production (placed 7th) in the “YFC Regional-Level Competition: Search for Best Business Enterprise Implementer” held Friday, October 28, 2022.

Also joining Guiral and Gaddao, according to the regional Department of Agriculture, are Raymark Manawas from Mountain Province (Highland Rabbit Feeds Production); Justina Nadiahan from Ifugao (Pomme d’amour Tomato Spread by Farmer’s Equip); Jomarie Mangeg from Benguet (Mangeg’s Frugie Preserves); Josephine Guimangal, Lovely Joy Paddapad, and John Mark Daping from Ifugao (Am-lyoung’s Yuyu Farm); and Genalyn As-il, Florinda Tiw-an, and Nora Hill Evasco from Benguet (Shamun BSF Insectary).

The regional winners, dubbed as the “lucky seven” received P150,000 each from the agency as additional capital for their enterprise.

Back in July, the agri-preneurs got P50,000 cash prize for winning at the provincial level.

The DA – Cordillera relayed that Phase 1 of the national competition will be held on November 7 and 8, where 35 finalists will be selected. Phase 2 will be conducted on November 24 and 25, wherein 12 Outstanding Youth Agribusiness Models will be proclaimed.

The Young Farmers Challenge is a competitive financial grant assistance program, intended for the youth who will engage in new agri-fishery enterprises. The grant shall serve as start-up capital for the planned agri-fishery enterprise operated by an individual youth or as a group-managed venture.


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