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2 men killed in separate road crashes in Tabuk City

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Two men were pronounced dead in two separate road accidents in Tabuk City this Saturday, December 3, 2022.

From December 2 to December 3 alone, the police responded to five vehicular traffic incidents in the city.

The first incident happened at around 1:30 AM along the Provincial Road in Magsaysay, while the other happened around 2:00 AM on the same road in Barangay Appas, says Tabuk City Traffic Management Unit Chief, Police Lieutenant Florand Sim.

Death by road accidents is not new in the city, with wider roads inviting faster driving.

In recent months, police traffic officers have been deployed to check riders and motorists in a bid to curb accidents.

VTA in Magsaysay

According to Sim, Engineer Valentino Dagadag, 54, the driver who was involved in the accident was coming from Bulanao and was traversing the Provincial Road towards Dagupan in his Toyota Fortuner when he collided with a motorcycle crossing the intersection between Barangay Appas and Magsaysay.

Dagadag hit the brakes, but his vehicle still bumped the motorcycle driven by a certain Johnson Dulnuan, 25.

Due to the impact, Dulnuan was thrown at the right shoulder of the road, while his motorcycle fell into the canal. The rider incurred serious injuries and was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Sim said Dagadag, who was uninjured, was brought into their custody.

Road crash in Appas

Approximately 30 minutes after the incident in Magsaysay, another road crash happened along the Provincial Road in Barangay Appas.

Sim said that a Honda XRM ridden by Felicarte Navarro, 34, was traversing the road heading towards Bulanao when another rider, driving a Rusi 125 travelling the opposite direction, collided with the former.

Both riders were rushed to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital. However, the rider of Rusi 125 was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician.

The rider was later identified by his mother as a certain Derson Gragasin, 20.

Navarro, on the other hand, was seriously injured and was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of Cagayan Valley Medical Center.


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