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2024 Bambanti Festival’s sensational finale concert to feature The Juans and Morisette Amon

Get ready to embark on a magical journey as the Isabela Grand Concert Party takes center stage at the Bambanti Festival 2024, featuring performances by The Juans and Morissette Amon.


Unveiling its grandeur on January 22, 2024, the festival transcends the realm of a typical musical spectacle, promising an immersive exploration into the cultural tapestry of Isabela.


The term "Bambanti," a tribute to scarecrows acting as vigilant guardians in fields and farms, serves as the festival's symbolic heartbeat. Embracing this metaphor, the event stands as a multifaceted initiative by the Isabela community, showcasing not only musical prowess but also highlighting tourism, trade, investment, and environmental awareness.


Since its debut in 1997, the Bambanti Festival has transformed into a dynamic canvas, weaving together the threads of community life, historical heritage, and a dazzling array of indigenous, world-class products. From chic lifestyle merchandise to tantalizing culinary delights, the festival proudly unveils the unique offerings that define Isabela.

The grand concert on the festival's climactic final day on January 27 at Isabela Sports Complex, featuring The Juans and Morissette Amon, injects a pulsating musical rhythm into the week-long celebration. Renowned for chart-toppers like "Hindi Tayo Puwede," "Hatid," and "Itutulog Na Lang," The Juans are poised to mesmerize the audience with their signature sound.


Morissette Amon, the powerhouse behind anthems like "Akin Ka Na Lang," "Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw," and "Naririnig Mo Ba?," promises soul-stirring performances that will resonate long after the festival concludes.


As the Bambanti Festival gracefully unfolds, brace yourselves for the harmonious crescendo of this year's festivities, where talent, tradition, and community spirit converge in a celebration that surpasses all expectations.

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