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21-yr.-old man beaten to death by group of men in Tuguegarao, one other injured

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan – A 21-year-old student died in the hospital, while another man was injured after they were beaten by a group of men outside a mini-mart in Atulayan Norte, Tuguegarao around 12 a.m. on Monday, November 27.

Prior to the brawl, a group of men, which include two students, a mechanic, and a certain alias Totoy, were on a drinking spree in front of the minimart on said date.

The victim’s group later arrived at the area to buy some alcoholic drinks.

According to the police, the government employee, entered the store to buy said items, but when he got out of the store, a beer bottle was thrown on his head.

As he fell to the floor because of the bottle that hit him, the suspects came to him and punched him repeatedly.

The guard tried to stop them, but the suspects continued hitting the victim with beer bottles.

As to the student who was then outside the minimart, the witness said he was punched repeatedly by the suspects and even hit his head with a beer bottle.

The commotion only stopped when police and a rescue team from Tuguegarao LGU came to the scene.

The student was brought to Cagayan Valley Medical Center, but died hours later. As to the other victim, he brought himself to a nearby hospital in the area and is now in a stable condition.

Three of the suspects were captured by police at the crime scene, while one other was able to flee.

They are now facing charges of murder and frustrated murder, according to the police.



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