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3,000 kilos of mangoes left to rot by the roadside in Isabela

San Mateo, Isabela – As prices of mangoes dropped in the market due to oversupply, a farmer in Isabela resorted to dumping 3,000 kilograms of mangoes on the roadside in San Mateo over the weekend.


The incident was caught on camera on Friday, May 10, and immediately went viral on social media after it was posted.


Frederick Cayaban said the mangoes were supposed to be sold in Metro Manila, but while waiting in line for their purchase, they had already ripened. They were put in a closed van, which might also cause them to ripen quickly.


The discarded mangoes were part of 15,000 kilos ferried to Metro Manila to sell. According to Cayaban, the mangoes could have cost around P84, 000 if they were sold.


The farmer, in his interview with the media, likewise lamented that mangoes in their town are only sold now at P5 to P7 per kilo from P55 per kilo in March.


He added that at this point, there were already more mango sellers in the market than buyers.


Meantime, aside from discarding the mangoes, Cayaban had also given some of them to their neighbors for free rather than allowing them to rot.


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