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38-yr.-old woman shot dead in front of school in Bangued, Abra

Bangued, Abra – A 38-year-old woman died following a shooting in front of Bangued West Central School in Abra morning of Monday, April 27, according to authorities.


The victim was at the school that time to fetch her sibling’s child. The police identified the casualty as Catherine Andallo Aguilar, a resident of Quillat, Langiden.


According to the police narrative, Catherine was heading to the school’s gate while her partner and the child were inside the school’s premises.

While moving towards the gate, a riding-in-tandem suddenly stopped near her and shot her point blank.


She was shot on the back of her head twice and the bullets exited out from her face. At the crime scene, 2 bullets were found, along with an empty shell of caliber 45 firearm.


After committing the crime, the riding-in-tandem fled the scene while the victim was brought by her partner and responding authorities in a nearby medical facility. The victim, however, was declared dead on arrival.


The suspects, a 40-year-old gunman and a 21-year-old driver, both residents of Langiden, tried to escape the capital town. When they were about to exit in Tayum, they came across a police checkpoint.


They then decided to get back to Bangued, however, the gunman fell off the motorcycle resulting in his immediate arrest.


The driver, meantime, was arrested in the capital town with the help of a concerned citizen who tipped off the man’s whereabouts to the police.


Police said they seized from the suspects a caliber 45 gun. The suspects are now facing murder charges.

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