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68-yr-old rider dead, passenger injured after their motorcycle hit concrete barrier in Cagayan

Updated: Jun 23

Amulung, Cagayan – Two elderlies became the latest victims of road crash in Cagayan. One of them died due to the accident.

The incident transpired on Thursday, June 20, 2024 in Amulung, Cagayan.

The casualty was identified as Marcelo Belon, 68, while the injured individual was identified as Artemio,72.

Reports from the Amulung PNP disclosed that Belon and Artemio were on board a motorcycle and were supposed to return home from a cemetery when they met the tragic accident.

Belon was the rider, while Artemio was his pillion passenger.

When they arrived at a bypass road where lot of gravel and sand were scattered, Belon lost control of the motorcycle causing them to hit a concrete barrier.

Due to the crash, the two sustained severe injuries to various parts of their body.

The rescue team rushed them to a hospital nearby, but unfortunately, Belon was declared dead upon arrival by the attending physician.

Artemio, meanwhile, survived the incident and is now in a stable condition.

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