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Apayao MSEs dominate second batch of DTI mentoring program 2023 in Cordillera

Apayao, Philippines – Applying the learnings they gained from the ever-changing competitive market, the micro and small enterprises in Apayao dominated the second batch of regional mentorship program of the trade and industry department in 2023.

Out of the 42 Cordilleran mentees who defended their Business Improvement Plans (BIPs) in August, Ameriza May Gabriel of Goodharvest Agribusiness and Livestock Inc. in said province scored the highest to top the Kapatid Mentor Me - Money Market Encounter (KMME-MME Online).

Gabriel has nothing but gratitude for DTI–Apayao and DTI-Cordillera “for all the learnings” she acquired during the 10-module mentorship program aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial capacity of MSE-mentees with the necessary knowledge and the right mindset toward business operations.

Dolores Ortega of Ortega’s Agricultural Products Trading, also from Apayao, ranked third in the same batch.

Special Awardees

The province was also able to produce special awardees, as recently announced by DTI–Cordillera. Ortega was hailed as the Most Active Mentee for being a standout mentee who consistently volunteered to present on behalf of the group. She was known for her active participation and recitation.

Clarence Calvez was conferred the Shining Star Award for her notable growth from Modules 1 to 10. At the same time, Raquel Liwan was recognized as the Most Challenged Mentee for completing the program despite challenges.

In a press release, DTI–Apayao commended the ‘unwavering dedication and tireless effort’ of the mentees. Their achievement, it said, represents not only a personal triumph but also opens new opportunities for both their personal and professional growth.

“In the spirit of "Pay It Forward," we encourage you to embrace the attitude of goodwill by imparting your acquired knowledge and experiences to others. By doing so, you contribute to the collective growth of our community,” added the provincial department.



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