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Apayao PLGU allots 3M for farmers' training on livestock production

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Apayao, Philippines – In its bid to alleviate poverty and address malnutrition and food security at the same time, Apayao government led by Governor Elias Bulut Jr. initially allotted P3 million for the upskilling of its livestock farmers.

Said province is among the top buffalo raisers in Cordillera. As of its latest livestock survey in July last year, Philippine Statistics Authority states there are 18,175 buffalos in Apayao.

Realizing that the production of more meat and milk helps upgrade the economic and nutritional status of farmers, the provincial government launched its Farmer Livestock School (FLS) on Large Ruminant Production on the second day of June at the Apayao Ecotourism Sports Complex Clubhouse in Luna.

As FLS graduate himself, Vice-Governor Remy Albano testified on the benefits of such training, thus encouraging ruminant farmers to make their best out of the program which will eventually uplift their quality of life.

Over 40 farmers enrolled in said training spearheaded by the Provincial Veterinary Office.

As part of their 7-monthlong training, farmers will first engage in the basics of large ruminant management before proceeding to more advanced topics such as artificial insemination and disease prevention.

Following lectures, farmer-trainees will experience hands-on activities and will get to interact with experts on livestock, along with seasoned veterinarians.

To ensure knowledge sharing and develop a network of support within the local farming community, the PVO will be conducting weekly meetings.

"We want to equip them with the right techniques and information, and by empowering our farmers with necessary skills and knowledge to improve their livestock production, we hope to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in the province,” stated Provincial Veterinarian, Dr. Ralph Verzon through Provincial Information Office.

After their training, the farmers are expected to share the knowledge and skills they gained like proper handling techniques, breeding, nutrition, and health management to other farmers in the locality.


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