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Baguio City debunks ‘white van kidnapping’ but warned public to be cautious

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – The top official of Baguio along with the city police belied reports circulating on social media regarding kidnapping and prostitution incidents supposedly by men in white van.

In a statement through the City Public Information Office, Mayor Benjamin Magalong assured the public that all the reports of missing persons in the previous months and years in Baguio were not related to kidnapping nor rape incidents and that all of them already returned home safe, as attested by the city cops.

“Rumors of syndicates in vans roaming the city allegedly kidnapping persons for prostitution or organ harvesting had remained as such, rumors, as there had been no such incidents reported to our city police that corroborate the claim,” Magalong affirmed.

He further guaranteed that the city government and police ‘are on top of the situation and doing every possible way to keep the city safe.’

Nonetheless, the mayor called for the community to remain vigilant and mindful of the safety of their loved ones. He advised the public to immediately report any suspicious-looking activity, person or place to the nearest police station.

Meanwhile, Baguio City Police Office warned parents and guardians of students, including teachers, to be alert, especially with the conduct of in-person classes.

“Pag pinapasakay po nation, dapat alamin natin kung ano yung way ng sasakyan at tsaka ingat po lagi sa mga pagsundo sa mga bata kasi kung minsan kailanagn pong ibigay natin yung details sa guro para naman alam nila kung sino ang susundo. And then yun nga po, ang best way talaga is yung communication kung may cellphone yung ating mga anak, always check po sa kanila,” Police Information Office of BCPO, PLT Angeline Dongpaen said through PTV-Cordillera.


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