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Baguio City mulls over issues on elders at Botanical Garden asking for photo fee

Baguio City, Philippines - What would you do when you are getting some photos of yourself in a beautiful setting but some elders who you do not want to be in your photos insist on being in them and even want to get paid?

For some tourists in Baguio who visited the Botanical Garden, they complained and their complaints reached the city council of Baguio.

As a result, City Environment and Parks Management Officer Rhenan Diwas was called to the regular session of the council last week for an explanation regarding the issue and in an attempt to look for resolutions regarding the problem.

Diwas, as reported by the Baguio City Information Office, explained they are still planning conscientiously on what will be their move since the city government has tolerated said elders since then, out of respect as they are Cordillerans.

He added the elders have always been part of the park’s identity since the beginning.

These reasons, he explained, add up to cultural sensitivity considerations, thus requiring the city to think carefully about what to do concerning the elders.

Diwas also told the council that the elders have always been reminded of proper conduct when dealing with visitors at the park, and while plans are still being established, they will be constantly advised of this.

City Tourism Officer Aloysius Mapalo meantime, suggested the inclusion of said elders in the livelihood programs of the City Social Welfare Office.

However, Diwas who was not amenable to said suggestion said it should be taken into account that these elders are not there for livelihood.

"We have to consider that most of them are provided for by their families and are not required to work but they go there just the same just to have something to do or because it has become part of their routine," he was quoted saying.

In the meantime, the families of said seniors will be contacted for profiling and to urge them to stop their activities at the said park.


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