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Baguio reports more than 50% of their Covid-19 cases from Aug. 18 to Sept. 30 are unvaccinated

Baguio City, Philippines – More than half of the Covid-19 cases recorded in Baguio City from August 18 to September 30 were not vaccinated against the virus.

This is according to data from UP Baguio Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Baguio City Health Services Office.

In a report, the Public Information Office–City of Baguio, data from said institutions showed that 55.04% of the 7,568 cases during the period have not received any Covid-19 jab while 16.48% were partially inoculated.

As for the casualties, 78.99% or 109 from the 138 Covid-19 related deaths were unvaccinated, one was ineligible to receive the vaccine, while the other 13 only received their first dose.

Moreover, 31 out of the 44 severe cases and 85 out of 108 moderate cases were also unvaccinated. Also, 6 severe and 23 moderate cases have only received their first shot.

Meantime, taking a look at the data documented from May to September 2021, of the 274 Covid-19 related deaths; 86.13 were unvaccinated, 0.36% belong to the ineligible population who cannot yet receive the vaccine, 3.65% were partially inoculated, and 9.85% were already fully vaccinated.

In an earlier report, the month of September 2021 had the highest number of Covid-19 related fatalities since the start of the pandemic, with over 136 cases.

As of October 7, 161,404 of the 281,000 targeted population for the Covid-19 jab in Baguio have already been fully vaccinated.


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