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Baguio seller warns public against scammer

Baguio City, Philippines – A conscientious seller in Baguio has taken to social media to share her experience and alert her fellow vendors about a notorious scammer operating in their community.


Detailing her unfortunate encounter, Nancy Dacsig recounted how the perpetrator employed a cunning tactic to exploit her trust. The suspect allegedly requested Dacsig to transfer P3,600 through Gcash for a seemingly legitimate transaction. Dacsig, occupied with preparing the scammer's orders, complied, only to realize later that she had fallen victim to a deceitful scheme.

The seller described the suspect as projecting an image of trustworthiness.


“Ti kunana, taga-Kalinga, based idiay pinagsasao na parang taga-idiay nga talaga, tapos diay inorder na kenyak kunana abasto ni ading na ta kakaasi kano ading na ta noodles lang kinan da, ta kesyo sugador, babaero diay bayaw na,” said Dacsig.


The scammer also took three trays of eggs from a store adjacent to Dacsig's establishment.


Subsequently, the seller searched for the purported buyer, only to discover that she had disappeared.


Dacsig attempted to contact the GCash account provided by the perpetrator, but the number associated with it could not be reached.

“Ayna piman siak NABIKTIMA NA (UTANG PAY PUUNAN) IPOST KO TA BAKA ADDA MABIKTIMA NA NGA DADDUMA. Please help nu adda makaam-ammo kenyana,” she expressed.


It has come to light that the suspect, identified as Rainee June Balbuena, has a history of legal troubles, having been previously arrested for violating Article 318 of the Revised Penal Code. This article penalizes various forms of swindling and deceit.


Other sellers shared similar stories of falling victim to Balbuena's tactics.