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Honest Baguio taho vendor returns bag containing over P.1M

Baguio City, Philippines – Nowadays, doing good without expecting something in return is rare, but this Taho vendor in Baguio City returned a bag containing a huge amount of money without a second thought.

Manuelito Bonifacio has been selling taho at the image of the lion’s head along the winding road of Kennon Road for over a decade now.

On July 02, he was on his daily routine when he noticed a bag left hanging near the 40-foot monument which might have been left by a tourist. An hour passed and no one returned to claim the bag. He then decided to check on it, reported the City Information Office.

When the vendor opened the bag, he discovered money bills in it. Also inside the bag are a cell phone and a wallet with ATM cards.

With a high degree of integrity, Bonifacio immediately called the phone number indicated on the Identification Cards.

“Hindi ko hinangad na kunin yung pera, ang nasa isip ko lang noon ay maibalik sa may-ari ang bag at natakot din ako sa karma na pwedeng mangyari sakin. Makagawa lang ng kabutihan sa kapwa ay sapat na," he said in his interview with the local media.

The bag’s owner later came to claim the bag and even offered a reward as his way of expressing gratitude to Bonifacio but the latter declined.

It was found out that the money bills inside the bag amounted to P150,000.

In a separate interview with News 5, the taho vendor said he was not tempted upon seeing the money as he believes in ‘bad karma.’

“Hindi ko po kasi ugaling mang-angkin ng hindi sa akin… Gusto ko po laban ng patas. Masaya na po ako sa maliit na kinikita basta may pangkain lang yung pamilya, yun, okay na po ako dun… Tsaka takot po ako sa karma,” he stated.


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