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“Balangagan Cave is still open despite danger issue” – Sagada Tourism

Sagada, Mt. Province – Following the "Danger in Balangagan Cave, Sagada" issue, the Municipal Tourism Office of Sagada said tourists can still visit the so-called ‘most mysterious’ cave in town but are strongly advised to wear adventure-appropriate clothing.

The statement issued is in response to a Facebook post by a tourist regarding his experience while in the area.

Facebook user Egberto F. Selerio Jr. claimed in his social media post, which was already shared 334 times on said platform, that ‘the cave is dangerous’, emphasizing that the greatest lesson he learned with his experience there is ‘to not go in the area if you love your life.’

He reasoned out that there were no safety gears provided, no orientation conducted, and no life-saving devices installed in the cave during their tour of the famous burial cave.

“Our local guides lured us into the cave by lying to us about what's inside. They consistently downplay the risks and outright lie about the activity, i.e., telling us that we will only go swimming. They are a bunch of lying imbeciles, so be extremely wary when you go to Sagada,” he added.

He continued by narrating what happened while they were already inside the caves, saying it put their lives and those of his companions ‘in great danger'.

He then suggested various ways to improve the tourist offering in the area, such as the provision of seminars to tour guides, checking the cave’s structural integrity, and providing safety gear, among others.

The town’s tourism office, in its statement, assured the local government will consider ‘the precedent in the formulation of policies to ensure safety in the operation of the cave and for the protection of the site.’

Precautionary measures

The tourism office likewise reiterated precautionary measures for travelers who plan on doing outdoor tours like caving, particularly during rainy seasons.

These include choosing a legitimate tour agency, keeping in mind that tours in Sagada require agility, endurance, and strength, being an adventure-driven tourist destination, asking for precautionary advice from a tourist guide or the tourist assistance desk, and asking for safety gear when needed.

When having problems with their tours, tourists are advised to discuss things with the Municipal Tourism Office.

"Further, we encourage all future visitors to contact us at any time with any concerns so that we can address them properly. We believe that all concerns, suggestions, and issues can be resolved in the appropriate manner by communicating with the Municipal Tourism Office," the office stated.



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