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Balbalan’s heartthrob promotes ecotourism in Kalinga’s biggest pageant

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Balbalan, Kalinga – A 19-year-old from Sitio Bullalayao of Barangay Pantikian, Balbalan focused on his aim to promote sustainable ecotourism of the municipality of Balbalan during his participation in the Mr. and Ms. Kalinga Ambassador and Ambassadress (MMKAA) 2022 this month.

Justine Peralta Capito told Guru Press Cordillera that participating in the pageant is his way to highlight the breathtaking waterfalls, picture-perfect landscape, and captivating mountain views present in his municipality.

“The responsible and effective use of our wonderful natural resources should be required in order to support the preservation and protection of ecotourism destinations within Balbalan, such as Balbalasang National Park, the Saltan River, regional potters, Magangab Cave, Dinugdugan Cave, Maanus Cave, and the rich culture of the Manjatjatong Festival,” Capito conveyed.

The 19-year-old Ambassador hopes that with his advocacy to promote the ecotourism of his municipality, it will help improve the local economy as well as enrich and preserve cultural heritage and social development of communities in Balbalan.

Capito encouraged his supporters particularly the people of Balbalan to continue supporting him until the final night of said pageant which will be held December 29, 2022.

“To my supporter, I encouraged you to support me in my journey towards Mister Kalinga Ambassador 2022 with my advocacy.

Together, lets support local and sustainable ecotourism in our municipality and patronize local tourists spot in our locality. In this way we can contribute in the development of tourism industry of the province of Kalinga,” he added.

Who is Capito?

Justine Capito is currently studying Forensic Science under College of Criminal Justice Education in Kalinga State University.

His father is Jaime Borreta Capito from Bullalayao, Pantikian while his mother-Carol Peralta Capito is from Sesec-an, Talalang, Balbalan.


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