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Tinglayan holds Battle of the bands for drug and alcohol-free community

Tinglayan, Kalinga – The local government unit of Tinglayan is thrilled to announce that entries are now open for the Battle of the Bands set to be held at the end of this month.

The musical band competition is open to youngsters aged 15–29, with P50,000 in prizes at stake.

The activity aimed at bringing communities together to instill a sense of community pride for a healthier, alcohol-free, and drug-free community.

Apart from providing opportunities for youth to showcase their singing prowess and talents in using musical instruments, the event shall also enjoin the youth to engage in worthwhile and productive activities that will promote a healthier lifestyle and increase awareness of the consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use.

The event, centered on the theme "Community Health Kontra Bisyo: Ili Manlin-awa' Sumangan Laweng Way Opya," is spearheaded by the Municipal Health Office.

In joining the competition, youth in the municipality are urged to organize their own musical band and make an original composition relative to the promotion of the "Don't Smoke, Lessen Alcohol, Say No to Drugs" health promotion playbooks of the Department of Health.

Criteria of the contest include originality (25 points), musicality (20 points), stage presence (20 points), audience impact (10 points), and relevance to the theme (25 points).

The overall score shall be derived from the score in the live band performance (70 percent) and the music video, which is equivalent to 30 percent.

Mechanics of the contest

According to the local government, aside from the 15–29 age requirements, the group members can either be all males or females or a combination of both genders. The maximum number of members is 15.

Each group will perform their own composed music as long as there is no obscene, lewd, or ‘green word’ in the lyrics and they can only use local dialect, Tagalog, or Ilocano as medium.

They will be given a maximum time limit of 3–4 minutes during the live performance, and if they exceed the given time limit, 5 points will be deducted from the group's total score.

As for the musical instruments, each group may use either modern or traditional instruments.

Meanwhile, for the music video, each group is instructed to submit a music video with a maximum time limit of 4-5 minutes and English subtitles that feature the contest's theme.

Beyond said time limit, a total of 5 points will be deducted from the group's total score.

Music video must be submitted at the Municipal Health Office at the RHU building on or before August 29, 2023.

For other details of the contest, interested youth may contact the program's coordinator, Luisa Solog at 09971077242.



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