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BFAR-CAR awards livelihood aid to Kalinga fish vendors

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources of Cordillera awarded livelihood aid in the form of equipment to selected fish vendors in Kalinga on October 11, 2022, to encourage more harvest and economic activity.

Said initiative is under the provision of post-harvest and marketing livelihood assistance project of BFAR-CAR through the Department of Agriculture in an effort to help the selected beneficiaries increase profit, expand the fish industry in their places and assist other fisherfolk in venturing into fisheries.

Provincial Fishery Officer Joyce Ducyogen explained the selected beneficiaries are residents of Kalinga and are engaged in the fish-selling industry.

With this, 10 fish vendors were chosen to receive 1 piece of a 40-kilogram capacity fish cooler and 1 piece of a 40-kilogram Styropor box for their fish businesses.

“This assistance shall help them in their fish vending activities. The supplies provide storage of their stocks, keeping them fresh until sold,” said Ducyogen.

Ducyogen further relayed that during the awarding ceremony, 3 fish dealer groups also received 1 unit of 5 cubic chest freezer, 1 piece of a 40-kilogram capacity fish cooler, 1 piece of a 40-kilogram styropor box, and 1 unit of a 10-kilogram capacity weighing scale.

These groups are Turod Bulo Chapter RIC in Bulo, Tabuk City, Pasil Multi-purpose Cooperative in Pasil, and Dagupan Centro RIC in Poblacion Centro, Tabuk City.

Meantime, Ducyogen encouraged the beneficiaries to utilize the said livelihood assistance given to them and reminded them of their responsibilities as program beneficiaries.

“Kadagiti beneficiaries ti post-harvest units/supplies, itul-tuloy yu dagita panagilako ti lames dita Barangay yu ta kasapulan tayo ti fish protein to be healthy. Usaren yu dagita naited kanyayu ken saan yu lip-lipatan i-submitar quarterly reports yu. Mano i-nangkat yu, mano aldaw santo mailako amin. Anya naitulong na daytoy naited nga assistance, ken ag-suggest kayo anya pay mabalin maitulong mi a mang supporta dita nga panggedan yo,” Ducyogen stated.


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