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Board Member Tarnate to concentrate work boosting tourism, agri-sector

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Board Member Lester Lee Tarnate, re-elected for his third term, vowed to boost tourism, cooperatives and livelihood organizations, health, and agricultural sectors of Kalinga.

Tarnate swore this during the oath taking ceremony of the elected provincial officials held Thursday, June 30, at Kalinga Astrodome.

“Para kanyak, importante ti paggapwan ti income ti ili tayo tapnu saan unay madagsenan ti pamilya. Dagita met lang ti pagapwan ti local and national taxes,” underscored the re-elected Sangguniang Panlalawigan member.

Tarnate believes that cooperatives provide means to meet the capital needs of entrepreneurs when banks cannot provide services due to restrictions.

Further, he stressed the significant role played by the agriculture sector in the development of a community. Without food production, he said, there shall be little or no development, explaining that the availability of food makes conditions for progress better.

Expression of gratitude

Tarnate thanked the public, especially those in District 2 namely, Rizal, Tanudan, and Tabuk City for supporting and trusting him to serve them for another term.

He solicited the same support from the people as he pushes forward with his plans and programs.

“I understand that it is a privilege to serve, as not all can be given the opportunity to be public officials. I also understand that privilege comes with a huge responsibility - the higher your position, the bigger the accountability. But I would like to emphasize that no matter the dedication and commitment of a leader if public support is absent, he can only do little,” highlighted the board member.

“I ask that we join hands and work hard together to ensure our success. God bless Kalinga, God bless us all, Tarnate concluded.


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