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‘Cordillera Day ket gundaway nga manglagip iti sakripisyo dagiti papangat tayo’ – Mayor Dagadag

Tanudan, Kalinga – In celebration of the 35th Cordillera month, Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag emphasized that the event is an opportunity to commemorate the sacrifices of the forefathers in the region.

Dagadag, after accepting the unity gong on July 11, conveyed that the first ‘papangats’ worked hard and sacrificed a lot in order to bring the Cordillera provinces together.

“Alan tayo daytoy a gundaway nga agpasalamat, manglagip kadagiay sakrispisyo ken contribution dagitoy inmuna nga papangat tayo iti daytoy ili tayo Cordillera ta gapu kanyada ket nagmaymaysa daytoy a region,” he said.

Being united, among the culture in the Cordillera region, is the traditional beating of the gong.

Dagadag said that this practice is being done when people come together to celebrate something.

“Mangngeg tayo dayta nga gangsa nu adda i-celebrate tayo - balligi iti ili tayo, bendisyon nga nagapu kenni Apo Diyos, balligi iti kakailyan tayo, balligi kadatayo amin ken of course iti pamilya tayo,” he expressed.

Dagadag further explained that when the gong is accompanied by the ‘tadek’ and they blended well, it produces a harmonious performance.

He related this to the higher officials of Kalinga, stating that they, at the municipal level, will support the programs of the Cogressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, Governor James Edduba, and Vice Governor Jocel Baac for the betterment of the province.

“Kadagiay napipintas a plano yu para iti probinsiya tayo ket adda kami latta ditoy baba nga mang-supporta. Ket kasta met lang nu agbaliktad iti tadek ket umuna kami met nga adda idiay baba ket asahan mi met kuma iti supporta,” he conveyed.


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