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Killer from Flora, Apayao who ate victims' liver arrested after 9 years

Sta. Marcela, Apayao - A detainee in a murder case who escaped jail by killing the prison guard has been arrested by authorities at Sitio Sta. Lucia, Pita, Dinalupihan, Bataan, Friday, Oct. 27.

The suspect, a 51-year-old from Flora, Apayao, tagged as Sta. Marcela's most wanted was first arrested for killing and burning two people in Flora. He did the said crime with his brother.

It was alleged that the two even removed the livers of their victims and made it as their 'pulutan' during a drinking spree.

After being arrested and imprisoned at the provincial jail situated in Sta. Marcela back then, the suspect and his brother managed to escape by killing a jail guard in 2014.

In an interview with GURU Press Cordillera, Police Captain Ginabel Dao-inon, the Chief of Police of Sta. Marcela Police Station relayed that the suspect was able to snatch the jail guard's firearms which were described as a shotgun and a 9mm.

While escaping, the suspect was also said to have shot the sibling of another detainee which resulted in the person's death.

Though a hot pursuit was immediately conducted by authorities, the suspect and his brother were able to flee. The latter was arrested last year, according to Dai-inon.

"Through our agents po [naaresto naman ang ating suspek]. Matagal na po naming minamanmanan, last month lang po may nakakita sa kanya sa Tarlac pinuntahan namin pero nag-negative po ang lakad," the chief of police disclosed.

The arrest was successfully undertaken with the collaboration of Apayao Police, led by Police Major June Lawingan, Sta. Marcela MPS, Dilapihan MPS, RID PRO COR, RMFB 15, RIU 14, and 1st Apayao PMFC

The arrest was made by virtue of two warrants of arrest, one issued on December 18, 2014, by Hon. Quirino M. Andaya, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 26, Luna, Apayao, and an Alias Warrant of arrest issued on August 2, 2016, by Hon. Francisco S. Donato, Judge Designate, Regional Trial Court, Branch 26, Luna, Apayao.

The first warrant is for a murder case involving the use of an illegally possessed firearm with no recommended bail bond, while the other is for another murder case with no bail recommended.

The suspect, after being transported to Apayao, underwent documentation prior to being turned over to the court of origin.



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