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‘Don’t be deceived by those fighting for worthless cause…let us instead dream of a progressive and peaceful community’-Kabugao Vice Mayor Tucjang

Kabugao, Apayao- "Don't be deceived by the leftists' alluring principles, they are fighting for a worthless cause. Denounce their ruinous operations, for they will never win against the government. Instead, let's dream of a progressive and peaceful community," said Kabugao Vice Mayor Fabulous Tucjang during the 'NCIP's Kamustahan' program held in Bulu, Paco Valley, Kabugao on March 9.


The Kamustahan event was a joint venture of government agencies and offices, initiated by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP). It's a platform for public service to demonstrate genuine care for the well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

In his talk, Tucjang recounted how Bulu had tremendously transformed from being a former New People's Army hideout and training ground into a developing barangay.


He revealed there were about 800 NPA trainees in the place back in the '80s, with Marag Valley in Luna serving as their stronghold and central command.


"We should never again allow this terrorist group (CPP-NPA) to dismantle us and disrupt our advocacies towards sustaining a comfortable and tranquil society," the Vice Mayor expressed.


Speaking to the residents, Tucjang mentioned the need to capitalize on the government's services focused on investing in young people.


"Don't be slothful, study, invest, aim for progress in order to have sustainable families...let God be the center of our lives," he added.


From an abode of insurgents, Bulu has now gradually turned into a comfortable residence for its people.


Similarly, NCIP Provincial Officer Agnes D. Gabuat has solicited the residents' involvement in every government endeavor bestowed upon their community.


"In doing so, we signify our immense yearning for constant evolution," Gabuat conveyed.

 "We, in public service, should carry out our vows for progress. Promises should not be broken but are meant to come true," she underscored.