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Elderly woman shot dead by gunman during wake in Buguey, Cagayan

Buguey, Cagayan – A gunman shot dead an elderly woman who was attending a wake on Tuesday night, June 4, in Centro Buguey, Cagayan.


The 74-year-old victim was identified by police as ‘Alias Iska’.


The victim was at the wake around 10 p.m. on the said date and playing cards with fellow residents in the area. All of a sudden, a gunman wearing a full-face helmet appeared and shot her several times.


The elderly sustained gunshot wounds on her back and was promptly ferried to a medical facility in Camalaniugan. However, she was declared dead on arrival by the attending doctor.


The suspect, meantime, fled the scene using a gray motorcycle. However, he was arrested later following a hot pursuit operation. Police said the accused is a relative of the victim.


Recovered at the crime scene were five rounds of ammunition and a slug of a caliber 45 gun. The pieces of evidence were already subjected to ballistic and cross-matching examination.


An investigation conducted by authorities revealed that the victim was involved in a land dispute with some individuals, who are also residing in said barangay.