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Farm laborer mum pleads for help to take her hospitalized son home

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

A mother, after having done everything to save his son, is left with nothing much to pay the hospital bills. This caused the delay of his release.

“... Mairwaren kuma ta talaga nga haan ko nga kaya nga talaga iti manay nayunan jay bill na ma’am ta dayta tupay bill na tattan ket awanen ma’am, haan kon nga talaga nga kaya. Isunga agdawdawat nak ma’am iti tulong.”

Mrs. Florence Dela Cruz, farm laborer and a resident of San Juan, Tabuk City rushed her 26-year-old son and breadwinner of the family to the hospital after a vehicular accident on Christmas Eve of 2020.

According to Florence, her son, Alvin after spending almost a month at the San Juan General Hospital recovered and was supposed to be discharged yesterday, January 20. However, they have no means to pay his bill that already reached P194, 996.

The Accident

Florence narrated, in an interview, that she and her son was on their way to Roxas, Isabela to be part of group of farmers hired for rice replanting when the accident transpired.

“Mapan kami kuma makiraep ijay Isabela ma’am ta ti rigat garud iti panagbiyag mi ma’am, nu kastoy mapan kami makiraraep,” she said.

On December 24, they were invited to spend the Christmas Eve at her nephew’s residence. However, her son who was riding a motorcycle while on his way back to the place they were supposed to meet crashed against a tricycle driven by a drunk driver breaking his leg.

“One way ijay ayan na ma’am, adda ngay sinmulpot ma’am nga tricyle nga nabarbartek. Tatta awanen ngay ma’am iti kasla paglikawan na jay ubing ijayen, isunga naala jay saka na ma’am ket natukkol ngay iti tulang na ma’am nga nataltal ijay side car,” Florence described.

After the accident, she rushed her son to the hospital but they were not accommodated in Isabela. She took Alvin back to Tabuk on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, Kalinga Provincial Hospital and Almora General Hospital were under lockdown.

Since her son was running out of blood, she brought him to San Juan General Hospital where he was immediately subjected to operation to remove the crushed bones inside. Then he was again subjected to another operation to implant stainless steel plates and screws on his fractured leg.

‘Isu iti parabirok ko iti kanen mi,’ - Florence

Florence said that during sunny day, Alvin who is 3rd among her 7 children sells ice cream to help the family.

“Nu aldaw idi napudot met ma’am makiboundary ma’am nga makilako iti ice cream. Isu iti parabirok ko ma’am iti kanen mi tani papa na metten nu kastuy nga nalammiis en ma’am, haan unay nga makatrabahon ma’am ta lumakay metten ni tatang nan santu adda sakit na nga asthma,” she said.

Florence said that they have no means to pay the bills. She said they had already solicited from relatives and other people but the money is not enough.

She added that she wishes her son to be discharged since his bill will further increase if he stays there longer.

To those who are willing to donate any amount to the family, you may contact 09666757879 or 09123176638.


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