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  • Jomela Dela Torre

Flora LGU prioritizes public health, revitalizes programs to level up services

Flora, Apayao- Geared towards sustaining a better and healthy community for all residents of Flora, Apayao, the Flora Local Health Board (LHB) on Thursday, March 7 convened to reorganize and revitalize its programs and activities centered on public health concerns.


Mayor Rodolfo Juan of Flora LGU is a staunch advocate of public health and has emphasized in previous talks the importance of a healthy community.


“Health is number one consideration to increase work performance. Nu saan nasalun-at wennu agsaksakit ti workers ken tattao ti maysa a lugar, we cannot expect a progressive community. Isu nga daytoy ket maysa nga priority tayo,” says Mayor Juan in one of his talks.

Said convening revolved on the implementation of Project BUTSY (Bringing Universal Healthcare Services Towards a Sustainable Program Implementation Yielding to Resilient Yapayao) across the municipality which intends to bridge the gap between residents, especially those in remote areas and the vital healthcare services they need.


The venture continues to offer medical consultations, dental checkups, educational sessions, circumcision services, among others.


With an outstanding involvement from the LHB’s focal and members, this meeting also delved into an earnest devotion to implement public health undertakings to include the fore coming Community Managed Blood Donation (CMBD) in Atok, Flora on March 18.


Echoing the importance of this pursuit for health welfare, Flora District Hospital Chief Dr. Amy Maruquin, signified her passionate commitment to bring health care services closer to residents, saying “Ingana kaya mi, dumanon kami.’’


Relative to this, Vice Mayor Jeofrey Blas, Municipal Administrator Marilou Valdez and SB member and chairman on Health Vic Maruquin, solicited united effort to ensure streamlined delivery of health programs.


In a recent LHB meeting on January 31, Mayor Juan had expressed a vision for the acquisition of Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), sanitary facilities, and seed distribution programs which he deemed necessary to intensify body’s operations and services.


Juan stated that these primary endeavors are aligned with the primary responsibilities of the LHB and MNC, fortifying an improved quality of health security in the municipality.


Participants in the meeting also included Municipal Department Heads, and representatives, RHU Flora Personnel, Civil Society Organization (CSO) representatives, Dep-ed personnel (Flora Secondary Schools Principal & TIC) Punong Barangays, few Municipal Officials, BNS & BHW Presidents and other members of the board and council.


Meanwhile, the board existed for the provision of policy guidance respective to health care services, assess the needs of the community, develop and implement interventions to resolve health concerns.


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