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Fund raising for Baggao corn farmers losing harvest to Typhoon Maring initiated

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Cagayan, Philippines − Uploader of viral images and video of Baggao corn farmers losing their harvest to Typhoon ‘Maring’ opens an account to people who wish to extend help and ease the heavy burden experienced by the family.

Bobby Dumayag Jr. narrated that he was riding his motorcycle when he saw Susan Mercado with her family and relatives running around salvaging sacks of corns on October 11. He added that some of them were also collecting and scooping corn kernels that were already submerged in water.

“Nakita ko lang po [sila], naiyak nga po ako kasi talaga pong nagtatakbuhan po sila kaya ayun po bumaba po ako sa motor para kunan ng picture at tsaka tumulong na rin po,” he said.

He added that the family didn’t anticipate the incident because floods never reach that certain area where they dry their harvest. However, when typhoon ‘Maring’ brought heavy rain, the water level at the river increased, sweeping away their produce.

“Iti pagbilbilagan da talaga ket idiay igid karayan po pero haan da met namnamaen, haan da met ekspektaren nga maabot iti danum ma’am diay mais da kasi namin-anu met iti baha ditoy ayan min ma’am ngem haan met talaga maab-abot diay,” he narrated.

Out of 450 cavans that were good to be sold, only 20 sacks were salvaged.

Sadly, the 20 sacks left can no longer be sold after being soaked in water, “parang iba na ‘yung amoy, bumbumlad kasla kasdiay,” Dumayag described.

For these reasons, Dumayag initiated to open his account for donations to help the family cope with the incident.

To help, you can send any amount to Bobby Dumayag’s Landbank account; 3706 2334 22 or through Maricar A. on GCash; 09064898051.


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