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Governor Tubban commends PD Limmong for outstanding performance

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Governor Ferdinand Tubban lauded the leadership of former Kalinga Police Provincial Director, saying, “I am delighted that the story of outgoing Provincial Director Davy Limmong is worth telling,” highlighting his outstanding performance in serving the province.

Tubban, during the turn-over of command ceremony at the Kalinga Police Provincial Office this January 14, expressed his gratitude to Limmong's ability to create a good partnership with the LGU and his desire to serve in the Provincial Peace and Order Council.

During the event, the governor pointed out that when leaders have done their time serving, what is left of their leadership is their story. Their story, he said, is what determines whether they can be a good or bad example.

With the accomplishments of a public servant like Police Colonel Davy Vicente Limmong, who led the Kalinga police for 1 year and 8 months, Tubban emphasized he is delighted that Limmong’s story is one that shall be shared.

‘PNP Kalinga has done much during the worst times’

The governor expressed that under Limmong’s leadership, the partnership of the provincial government and the Kalinga police has been successful wherein, as a result, big issues such as tribal, land, and boundary disputes were handled excellently.

Tubban also mentioned the drop in crime volume in 2020 and 2021, and he attributed this to the good leadership of the former Kalinga Police Provincial Director. Additionally, he commended the volume of confiscated and destroyed illegal drugs in Kalinga as the drug value reached P1.2 billion, which is triple the value discovered in 2020.

“Nayun na dayta, I have not heard any report of a police officer ti Kalinga PNP nga tiniliw ti pada na nga police ta disiplinado da. Kasta met nga awan nangegak nga adda ti napukaw nga biag ti police force from their operations,” Tubban said.

Further, the governor also mentioned the PNP’s services to the community, such as education campaigns, building community toilets, helping indigent families, providing assistance, manual labour, and sometimes sacrificing their salaries.

“PNP Kalinga has indeed done much during the worst times of the pandemic,” he emphasized.

‘We greatly appreciate your service’ – Tubban to Limmong

Tubban congratulated PCOL Limmong for a job well done and that Kalinga greatly appreciates his service to the police.

“I am sure that your story shall remain and that you shall be missed not only by the police force but by the workers of the Provincial Government as well as the community here that you have served so well,” he expressed.

‘We welcome you with open arms’ – Tubban to Tagtag

During the turn-over of command, Tubban then welcomed the new Kalinga Police Provincial Director, Police Colonel Peter Tagtag Jr., saying Kalinga believes he can help keep the province safe and secure.

“We welcome you with open arms and we hope we can have the same close and cooperative relationship to continue the work, for work is never finished. There are new challenges that come, there are new problems to be resolved. The people of Kalinga need a dedicated and committed police force,” he said.


Outgoing Kalinga-PNP PD Limmong shares secret in leading police force


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