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Guina-ang, Pasil gets free installation of ‘Manfaruwan’ public restroom

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Pasil, Kalinga – Personnel of 2nd Kalinga Provincial Mobile Force Company started construction of public comfort room dubbed as ‘Manfaruwan’ project in Guina-ang, Pasil after the ceremonial ground breaking held on April 07, 2022.

The project was proposed by one of the members of the 2nd KPMFC Advisory Council, Councilor Ronnie Bawalan as the barangay’s prize of being cleared from the influence of the communist terrorist groups (CTG).

Guina-ang was officially declared by the Philippine Army as CTG-cleared community in December 2021 through collective efforts of stakeholders.

Bawalan explained that the whole community will benefit from the project, especially during the conduct of events when the people flock in the barangay gymnasium and in St. Paul Chapel.

“In-propose ko dayta ta maobserbar ko nga nu adda activities idiay, kurang diay public CR ta asideg gamin ti simbaan ken gymnasium. Nu ag-flock ti tattao idiay, talaga nga kumurang diay public CR isu ti gapu nga nangipanan mi idiay abay ti simbaan,” said the councilor.

The 2nd KPMFC under the leadership of Acting Force Commander, Police Lieutenant Colonel Jefrey Vicente approved the proposal.

The police personnel in Guina-ang and Municipal Police Station, along with the members of their advisory council then contributed from their own pocket to the construction of the ‘Manfaruwan’ project.

Some of the Sangguniang Bayan members along with Pasil Multipurpose Cooperative, whose manager is a member of the advisory council, also handed assistance for the projects.

Meanwhile, Bawalan called for the community to take care of the project and utilize it as intended.

“Dagitoy constituent ti Guina-ang, sapay kuma ta nu malpas dayta project ket mausar nga nasayaat, maalagaan tapnu iti kasta ket tuloy-tuloy wennu ad-adu pay (maipaay a project),” stated the councilor.

Bawalan likewise hopes that the barangay and the said unit come to an agreement for the stable water system to maintain the cleanliness of the restroom once completed.

According to Bawalan, the public comfort room in Guina-ang is the third restroom initiated by the 2nd KPMFC. The first, he said, is in Bangad, Tinglayan and another in Sitio Lonong, Dangtalan, Pasil.

The restroom which is set to be finished by end of month is a project of 2nd KPMFC in partnership with Pasil MPS and the advisory council of both as part of their campaign to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC).


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