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Jealousy kills: Man hammers wife to death in San Isidro Isabela

Updated: Jun 5

San Isidro, Isabela - Jealousy-related conflicts can sometimes lead to killing.


Such is the case of a couple in San Isidro, Isabela, where the man murdered his 52-year-old wife.


The suspect was identified as alias “Rod”, a resident of Barangay Villaflor, San Isidro. He was arrested by the authorities over the weekend.

When questioned by the police why he killed his wife, Rod said he found out that the victim brought her lover to their own house.


Due to jealousy, he hammered his wife’s head resulting in the victim’s untimely death.


The crime did not end there as the suspect also poured gasoline over the victim's body and burned it. However, it was only the victim’s face that was burned due to the heavy rain during that time.


Rod later decided to dump the body near a piggery which was discovered on May 31, 2024, by one of the residents in said barangay.


Currently, Rod is in custody at San Isidro Police Station and will be charged with Parricide.

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