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Lubuagan farmers underwent “Chogway” wine processing to augment income

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Lubuagan, Kalinga – The Department of Science and Technology-Kalinga gave technical training to members of a farmers’ association in Lubuagan to improve the quality of their “chogway” wine product.

The training is expected to help beneficiary farmers produce more quality wine to augment their income.

The training was conducted on Saturday, January 22, at Awichon village in Lubuagan, attended by around 20 members of the Kalasag Farmers and Irrigators Association.

Chogway, known by its scientific name saurauia sparsifolia, is a wild fruit-bearing tree endemic to the Philippines. The fruit is described as juicy and has a sour taste, and is plenty in many parts of the Cordillera.

In Awichon village, chogway grows everywhere in the area.

In a conversation with the beneficiaries, it was said that P251,300 worth of processing equipment, which includes fermentation apparatuses and other production utensils, were also given to Kalasag.

With said preparatory training and while setting up their wine processing facility donated by their president, the members of the association will be producing chogway wine individually in their houses using the available equipment.

The organization also plans to produce at least 375 liters of chogway wine per year once they acquire needed equipment for mass production.

Kalasag members estimated to extract at least 500 kilograms of chogway per year, which will be bought from the locals. To augment the source, the organization said they will be planting more chogway seedlings.

The organization will also be producing other wines like guyabano, banana, bugnay and coffee wine.

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