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Lubuagan puts 2 barangays under restrictions to control possible surge of Covid-19 transmission

Lubuagan, Kalinga― Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lubuagan imposed prohibition of crowd-drawing activities in Barangay Mabilong and no entry to and exit from Barangay Mabongtot to facilitate the swift tracing of contacts of the recent CoViD-19 cases recorded in the municipality.

This is after recent recorded COVID-19 positive cases were found due to uncoordinated arrival of an individual and those individuals who attended a funeral wake before the declaration of negative swab result.

Municipal Health Officer Dr. Carol Agyao reiterated that it is a must to those individuals to inform the LGU in advance of their arrival even if they are just to pass through the municipality as well as to those returning residents to abide with the imposed health protocols.

“As much as possible, inform da ti LGU wenno makita da met iti Facebook, imessage da latta nga isuda nga agawid da. Icoordinate da, nu mabalbalin mapagnaan da met Tinglayan and Lubuagan, nu kuna da nga Tabuk dakami kuma metlang ti itext da tapno at least maymayat nga maamwan nu baka napan ditoy,” she said.

This is to ensure all incoming individuals shall submit themselves for triaging and undergo 3-day quarantine at the isolation facility. Hence, if swab test yielded negative result, a 14-day home quarantine is mandated.

Active cases as of January 11, 2021

L9: 70 year-old female, resident of Mankayan, Benguet Province, dropped by at a residence in Barangay Mabilong while waiting for a ride to Tabuk City.

L10: 89 year-old female, resident of Mabilong, Lubuagan

L11: 59 year-old female, resident of Mabilong, Lubuagan

L12: 20 year-old male, resident of Mabongtot, Lubuagan, with travel history from Baguio City

L13: 23 year-old male, resident of Mabongtot, Lubuagan, with travel history from Baguio City

Recently, another case is recorded as L14 who come from Baguio City with comorbidity.

All patients are symptomatic who exhibit cough, fever, body and mostly headache and were transferred at Kalinga District Hospital (KDH) for monitoring and treatment.

This brings the cumulative total number of cases in the municipality to thirteen (14) since November 20, 2020.

Meantime, Mayor Charisma Dickpus is reminding Ylubuagans on the adherence of minimum standard health and safety protocols as well as on coordinating with the health personnel of the municipality for immediate contact tracing to avoid further transmission of the virus.