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‘More help to be sent to Cagayan’ – Kalinga Gov. Tubban

Tabuk, Kalinga – Governor Ferdinand Tubban of Kalinga Province sent 59 uniformed personnel along with 5 trucks, 2 rubber boats, and some food to the province of Cagayan this November 15, 2020 through his Provincial Administrator Atty. Ken Martinez, mentioning the necessity to liberal in helping others especially in times of calamities.

Tubban said he believes Cagayanos would certainly be helping the Ykalingas had the situation been the other way.

Additionally, he said more help shall be sent after full assessment of the situation in Kalinga Province has been done.

“Sino ba naman ang dapat magtutulungan kundi ang mga magkakapit-bahay. Alam po naming na kapag sa kalinga nangyari ito, hindi rin kami pababayaan ng mga taga Cagayan. This is not the first and certainly not the last. We shall help with what we can…,” said Tubban.

In an interview with provincial Administrator Martinez he said as per instruction of the Governor, it is important to have a quick response to circumstances when time is of the essence and thus the initial move was immediately carried out yesterday.

“When we have all the data from the Rapid Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis and deliberations done, ammo tayun to no manu pay ti kaya tayo nga maitulong iti probinsiya. Isu nga diay ket umana laeng. We shall be back next week ngem we need to ask the help of the Sangguniang Panlalwigan kadagiti banbannag nga masapul iti resolution wennu ti abisu da. Nu ad-adu tayo makatulong mas may-mayat ken dakdakkel impact na,” explained Martinez.

In a phone call with Captain Agustin of the army reported that whole contingency team of Kalinga has been deployed in Amulong West and has been tasked to operate in 5 barangays there.

Tubban being close to the people of Cagayan and acknowledging good partnership with their leaders mentioned that more could be done after Kalinga’s situation, resources and damages have been fully assessed.

While Kalinga suffered damages from Ulysses, it did not experience province wide flooding affecting thousands of families like that of the situation in Cagayan.




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