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Mt. Province records 672 cases of Chikungunya from January to August 2023

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Bontoc, Mt. Province – About 672 cases of chikungunya, a dengue-like viral infection, were recorded in Mt. Province from January to August 2023, according to the Provincial Health Office of Mt. Province.

Chikungunya is transmitted to humans through a bite of an infected mosquito but differs from dengue since it cause excruciating joint pain and swelling.

In the data shared by Mt. Province-PHO during the 3rd Quarter PDRRM Council Meeting Friday, August 18, Paracelis listed the highest number of cases which accounts for 658.

These cases originated in the barangays of Bantay, Banana, and Butigue. Fourteen cases, meantime, were noted in Natonin.

On cases of death relative to the disease, no record yet was listed in the province, as of August 12.

No cases of the virus have been detected in the province last year.

Health officials in the province were urged to conduct preventive measures such as spraying.

During the meeting, health officials in the province relayed the common signs and symptoms of the viral disease. These include fever, arthralgia (joint stiffness), and rashes.

Symptoms are usually observed between four and seven days after an individual is bitten by the infected mosquito.

As a preventive measure, the office said they already lent spray cans and distributed insecticides for indoor spraying. They likewise provided the community with bed nets and insecticide-treated curtains.

What to do to prevent the increase of Chikungunya cases?

With said number of cases, PHO Mt. Province is advising the public to conduct necessary measures to prevent the further spread of vector-borne diseases, one of which is "search and destroy" the breeding places of mosquitos.

Aside from this, the disease could also be prevented by self-protection by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants or using mosquito repellant, seeking early consultation, and supporting fogging or spraying in hotspot areas.



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