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Mt. Province solon seeks early voting of elderly, PWDs, lawyers, health workers

Mt. Province, Philippines – To further enhance access to their right of suffrage, Congressman Maximo Y. Dalog Jr. of Mt. Province sought a measure, allowing a few sectors to vote earlier than the scheduled election day.

Under House Bill 7576, Dalog and co-authors state qualified senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWDs), lawyers, and human resources for health “should have the privilege to cast their ballot at accessible establishments designated by the Commission on Elections within 7 days before the date set for national and local elections.”

This, accordingly, is in consideration of the physical condition of the elderly and PWDs, and of the necessity of providing professional services and ensuring public health and safety during the elections day of the lawyers and human resources for health.

Human resources for health refers to those engaged in health and health-related work, and all persons employed in all hospitals, sanitaria, health infirmaries, health centers, rural health units, and barangay health stations, reads the bill.

Further, those in clinics and other health-related establishments owned and operated by the government or its political subdivisions with original charters, including medical, allied health professional, administrative and support personnel employed, regardless of their employment status, who physically report to the frontlines during the day of the election.

Registration, information drive

The measure provides that there shall be a nationwide registration for said sectors to qualify them to avail of the early voting privilege.

If approved, an intensive information drive shall be conducted by the COMELEC for those qualified.

Dalog defended HB 7576 during the plenary sponsorship and debate on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

With zero negative votes, the bill was later approved on its second reading.


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