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Pasil teacher among Top 10 Most Outstanding Author in International Authors’ Summit

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Pasil, Kalinga – A teacher in Pasil, Kalinga was recently awarded as one of the Top 10 Most Outstanding Authors during the 2nd International Authors’ Summit of John 14:14 Book Publishing Center streamed over the weekend.

Freedie Balansi, a Teacher III at Central Pasil National High School, released his book “Passing the Torch” containing his life’s journey late last year, hoping to guide and inspire the youth. At one point, he labeled it as “A Book for a Cause” as he donated the proceeds to help dialysis patients with their financial needs.

When given the opportunity to speak of his book during the said summit, Balansi narrated his dream to have his own book started back when he was a scholar, working at the library of St. Mary’s University in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. He dreamed of his own book being displayed on the shelves.

“I am also fond of reading newspapers and I am fascinated with the way authors deliver and share their stories and their opinions. Their choice of words is magical, I feel like they are worthy of emulation,” shared the author.

In his experience as a teacher and a youth leader at their parish, he discovered struggles experienced by young people. This added to his drive of pursuing the book.

“I wanted to shed light on. I conceptualized writing my book to bless and help youth so they would not be lost along the way. I wanted to pass a torch that would illuminate their journey in achieving their dreams and aspirations in life. My exhilarating journey will teach youth that there is hope behind poverty, discrimination, and limited opportunities,” said Balansi.

He made his draft in October 2021, after attending an online international seminar and workshop on book writing. In December of that same year, the book was released.

In the international summit of said publishing center, “Passing the Torch” placed 4th in the Book of the Year Award (Inspirational-Male) while Balansi made it to the list of the Top 10 Most Outstanding Authors.

“This is all for the Glory of God!” exclaimed the author in his social media post.

Balansi expressed gratitude to John 14:14 Book Publishing Center, his coach Jonas Dupo, WYLA family, and everyone who believed, supported, and trusted his capability.

He noted he is not after money, fame, and power. What he is striving for is to “make a difference.”


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