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Pickup driver in viral Baguio hit-and-run faces charges

Baguio City, Philippines – The pickup driver involved in the viral hit-and-run in Baguio has now been identified, and charges against the suspect are being readied, reported the City police Office Tuesday, June 06, 2023.

The incident happened on Friday in front of Crown Legacy Hotel on Kisad Road.

As captured on the CCTV footage, the driver of the white Ford Ranger pickup truck bumped into the back of the taxi he was following. The cab driver got out of the car to supposedly talk to the truck driver but the suspect drove off.

“Lumabas ako tapos sumisigaw yung driver tapos sabi ko papagilid sana para di traffic tapos biglang nag-overtake. Hinabol ko hanggang sa [kung] saan siya pumunta tapos di ko na nahabol dahil binaba ko na yung pasahero ko dito sa may station sa burnham,” narrated the cab driver, Jordon Martinez.

The cab driver then proceeded to report the incident to the Land Transportation Office – Cordillera and the city police.

In the afternoon of the same day, the driver who was then walking home on Session Road recognized the Ford Ranger and its driver. He tried to stop the car but the driver again drove off.

The police office arranged a dialogue between both parties on Saturday but the truck driver failed to appear. Only his representative and legal secretary were present, said BCPO.

The taxi driver is determined to file a case of reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property as the suspect is not interested to face him.

Another case of resistance and serious disobedience is being prepared by the BCPO - Abanao Police Station (PS7) against the suspect as he “disobeyed a member of PS7 (Police Station 7) who was on duty and was trying to flag him down.”


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